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Wide receiver, kick returner and TCU fan favorite Cory Rodgers is now a Green Bay Packer.
What does he think of Brett Favre? What did he buy first? And how long ‘til Lambeau learns to chant “CORE-EEE ROD-GERS!?”

By Rick Waters '95

Have you practiced your Lambeau Leap yet? You know you’re going to have to jump into the stands when you score.  Yeah I know. I’m excited about that because you can’t do that in college. I haven’t worked on it yet though. But there’s no doubt I’m jumping when I get in the end zone.

Which do you think will happen first — you catch a Brett Favre touchdown pass or return a kick for a score? Probably a kick-off or punt return, but I would love for it to be a catch from Favre.

You ready to catch a Brett Favre pass? His passes are so hard they have been known to break some fingers. Yeah I know. But you can’t worry about that. Just focus and look the ball into your hands. That’s what I do. Can’t worry about how hard it is.

Who’s thrown the hardest pass you’ve caught before? Probably Vince Young. We work out together in Houston [his hometown] at Rice University all the time. We did this spring before the draft and for a couple of summers before that.

So what was draft day like? Did you know Green Bay was a possibility? Yes. My agent and I talked to them a little at the combine. I’m excited to go there and play with Brett Favre. He’s one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, and I was really glad to hear that he was coming back for another season.

Are you ready for those freezing Green Bay winters? No way. I’m from Houston and like hot weather. But you can’t let that psych you out. I’ve played in cold weather before and have been fine. I will up there too.

Now that the NFL Draft is behind you, do you still feel good about your decision to go pro? Any disappointments? Not at all. I’m excited. My family’s excited. This is the NFL. It’s been one of my dreams. I can’t wait to get up there for mini-camp and get started. I’m ready to get my hands on their playbook and study.

So you weren’t surprised or disappointed and where you were drafted? No, I was originally projected to go in the fourth or fifth round, and that’s how it turned out. [He was selected in the fourth round as the 104th overall pick.] My agent and I thought I might sneak into the end of the third round and the end of the first day. I’m proud of where I was drafted. I’m proud of my decision.

What was that weekend like? Where did you watch? Did teams call you? Where you nervous? I was at home in Houston. My family and some close friends were with me. I talked to my agent several times, but it wasn’t until afterwards that I actually talked to the Packers. I was calm throughout the whole thing. Even if I didn’t get drafted, I would have felt that way. I was just more curious that anything. Where and when — that’s all I was thinking.

What does your mom think about all this? She was crying. But she’s very happy for me. Very proud of me. I was more happy to see her happy than I was happy for myself.

Have you bought anything big yet? No. I don’t sign a contract until mini-camp. But the first thing I am going to buy is a new house for my mom.

What’s your favorite memory of TCU? Beating Oklahoma.

What would you say is your best game as a Horned Frog? Probably the BYU game. [He caught nine passes for 137 yards, had a 100-yard kick-off return and rushed for two touchdowns, including the winning score in overtime.]

It wasn’t that game in Houston in 2003 when you had [a career-high] 171 yards and three touchdowns? C’mon, that was your hometown and it was that crazy 62-55 game. I know, but I have to go with BYU. The situation was different. We had to come from behind. It went into overtime. And I scored the winning touchdown.

Did you really get in the end zone or did you fumble at the pylon?  Man, I was in. Touchdown.

So word is that you’re a really good cook. What is your best dish?  Oh, it would have to be chicken spaghetti or broccoli casserole.

Oh, that sounds really good. How long do you think it will be before Brett Favre makes you cook that for him. That might be some kind of Green Bay Packers rookie hazing. I don’t know about any hazing. I have no idea what they’ll make us do. But if Brett wants something good to eat, I’ll serve him up.   

How do you think the Packers will use you — mostly on special teams or as a wide receiver?  Eventually, I hope they use me for both. But what they told me is to make an impact on special teams as a returner and maybe covering some kick-offs. Donald Driver and Robert Ferguson are the main guys, but I think I can be in the mix for the third or fourth receiver spot. 

Covering kick-offs? When’s the last time you tackled somebody?  Hey, I made a couple of tackles at TCU. 

When?  On an interception return.

Who threw it?  Man, I’m not going there.

Any teammates called you since the draft?  Oh yeah, a lot. Coach Patterson and Kelsey called that day. They were very supportive and happy for me. So did my receivers coach Jarret Anderson. Quintily Harmon and Eric Buchanan were watching it with me. And then, I’ve gotten a lot of fan mail. It’s a good feeling to know people support you and are still cheering you on.

What did you learn at TCU that will help you in the pros? Coach Patterson teaches taking responsibility for yourself. He’s always saying, ‘To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be forgotten.’ So I will take the attitude of coming to work every day and getting myself prepared personally. No one can do it but me. 

Think the Green Bay fans will learn the “CORE-EEE ROD-GERS” chant?  If I get a little excitement going, I don’t see how they couldn’t.