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View the Numbers | Dan Jenkins' dissenting opinion

By Rick Waters '95 and Mark Wright

What’s in a number?

It’s more than just digits sewn on the back of a jersey to tell players apart. It becomes an identity. We associate certain players, certain games, certain moments based on them.

At TCU, only three numbers have been officially retired - Davey O’Brien’s No. 8, Sam Baugh’s No. 45 and Frank Windegger’s No. 30. (LaDainian Tomlinson’s No. 5 was honored last season and won’t be worn again without his permission.) But those are the easy ones.

Quick, who was the all-time No. 64?

After combing through old yearbooks and media guides, The TCU Magazine presents its list of the Horned Frogs that best represent their jersey number. Most of our selections are based on statistical data and individual athletic accomplishments, but we also took into account historical significance, team performance and general nostalgic recognition.

Did we overlook anyone? Let us know.

We love a good sports argument.

Comment at tcumagazine@tcu.edu

We'd like to thank the TCU Athletics Media Relations staff, Dan Jenkins, Jack Hesselbrock, Ross Bailey, Frank Windegger, Brian Estridge and John Denton for their input and help.