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C is for choice

By Monique Bhimani
Journalism freshman

To me, the "C" in TCU simply reflects the meaning of a word thought to evoke such things as morals, ethics, responsibility and all qualities a well-balanced individual should possess. This is the image the word has had universally; therefore, the founders probably thought it the best word to describe an esteemed private university. The modern-day students and faculty will recognize Christianity as just one of many religions practiced and openly expressed at this university. Christianity is a word most Americans can relate to and commonly associate with the average Christian man or woman as a decent ethical member of society.

The "C" in TCU should by no means dissuade those of other religious backgrounds from applying here. In todayŐs world where there is still racial profiling, as well as the recent prejudices against the Islamic faith and Muslims, it is important and reassuring to know that at least TCU will not stand for such discrimination. The freedom to worship (or not worship) as one pleases is also acknowledged by this university; Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and all others certainly find their place within the TCU community without fear of prejudice and intolerance.