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C is for Christian beliefs

By John Mark Day
Religion and Journalism Junior

The "C" in TCU can, at times, seem somewhat lowercase. So lowercase youÕd probably miss it at first glance.

TCU does not mean Texas Bible University, much to the surprise of a few wide-eyed freshmen every year who have naively gotten the wrong idea (a group of which I speak from personal experience).

But that "C", even if it is lowercase, means a great deal to me. It means I am on a campus where I can be a Christian. It also means, though, that I am on a campus where I can be a religion major for four years and take only one practical ministry class (which is, incidentally, one of the best classes I have ever taken).

What the "C" in TCU means is that I am a Christian at a school where my belief isnÕt handed down to me by an administrative edict. It means that I have had to continue to work out my faith with much fear and trembling, but it means that I have opportunity to see that faith built.

It means seeing your Chancellor at a university-sponsored prayer vigil when tragedy rocks your nation.

It means having true, deep relationships based on something eternal -- brothers and sisters forged by something deeper than organizational ties.

It means, occasionally, fighting for what you believe. More often, it means celebrating that belief.

It means being on a campus with people who share the hope you have, and with people who donÕt understand it.

It means that I am a Christian in a school that prepares me to be a Christian in the real world.

Granted, that "C" may be just a little misleading. But lowercase or not, IÕm sure glad itÕs there.