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More than just a dream now

With the toss of seven shovels full of earth, the TCU baseball program moved one step closer to national prominence as ground was broken for the Charles and Marie Lupton Baseball Stadium.

While many said it was a long time coming, TCU Board of Trustees Chair John Roach said this new ballpark contributes to "a sound athletic program that speaks to our mission."

The ceremony was attended by several hundred supporters, a dozen or more of whom threw out a first pitch to players on the current team.

The $7 million ballpark will be surrounded by the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center on the north, the Lowdon Track on the west and the Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium on the east.

Lupton Stadium, with approximately 2,200 permanent seats, will give TCU baseball one of the nicest facilities in the nation after more than 40 seasons at the TCU Diamond.

Digging in, above, are Roger Williams, John Roach, Kit Moncrief, Mike Scott, Chancellor Michael Ferrari, Eric Hyman and Malcolm Louden.