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View the Numbers | Dan Jenkins' dissenting opinion

From Dan Jenkins '53

Yo, Rick and Mark.

First let me say it's a swell looking layout and a tough job you've done. I know. I've just done it for the College Football Hall of Fame awarding numbers from George Gipp to Vince Young with a Davey and Sam in between.

Now for corrections.

No. 17 You simply cannot give this number of Chad Huffman over two All-Americans, Michael Reeder and Corey Rodgers.

No. 30. Frank Windegger?? FRANK WINDEGGER??? Over Don Looney or Harlos Green? Great God in Heaven.

No. 33. This has to be Red Oliver. I covered almost every game George McLeod played. He wasn't Dick O'Neal or Ronny Stevenson, and Red Oliver was a great star on the undefeated '32 champions, and No. 4 team in the Nation.

No. 35. Ross Montgomery was hurt half of his career, a continuing disappointment. Tricia Payne did more than anybody to popularize women's hoops at TCU, and she was a great player, not to mention person. She's MY No. 35.

No. 61. Bill Crawford should get the number. All-Conference guard and leader of TCU's Orange Bowl team.

No. 66. Ramon Armstrong was a hell of a guard on two conference championship teams. That's all I know.

No. 69. Sherrill Headrick was a great guard/linebacker, all conference on a championship team. Nix played for losing teams in the Wacker era.

No. 77. I'm not sure you can overlook Doug Conaway. He made All-America on a conference championship team.

Finally, I think there are far too many mentions of me and my all-time teams.

So that's it.



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