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By Cathy Frisinger

More than 450 students from Tannahill Intermediate School in Fort Worth got a glimpse of collegiate life at TCU when the College of Education's Center for Urban Education hosted College Bound for sixth-graders in April. In addition to touring the campus and visiting with faculty, they were asked, "What did I learn today?"

Here is a sample of their answers:

"You have to walk a lot in college."

"There is no dress code
and you can chew gum. "

"Some classes start late and some
students do not have classes
every day."

"They have very good cookies. "

"Experience abroad can change
your life."

"Athletes need a degree,
not just play sports."

"We need more electric cars because we are running out
of energy. "

"We learned Riff Ram."

"I learned how to wash my hands in the nursing class. "

"You can write in marker."

"There are a lot of books in the library. "

"College will be more fun than
I thought. "

"Things that seem
boring are actually interesting. "

"TCU is like its own
little town. "

"College is just like school. "

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