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TCU Magazine "Cover Story"

With love

By David Van Meter, Editor

If you look hard enough, you'll find the horned frog we hid in this issue's cover. Tucked away there, too, is a tale of love.

The story starts with the hands. We needed beautiful ones for this issue, and Jenny Kieta Cox '93 (associate director of alumni relations) modestly agreed to let us use hers. Turns out, her husband Doug '93, a pharmaceutical drug sales representative, could also lend a hand.

Doug told me he first saw her in a Spanish class their freshman year. For him, it was amor at first sight. Jenny, however, wasn't quite sure who Doug was when he first called her for a date. Fortunately, Cupid and his trusty arrows showed up soon enough. By Doug's senior year, he knew Jenny was the one, but he also realized that Robert Carr Chapel commanded a two-year-wait for Frogs looking to seal their deals on TCU's most sacred ground.

But wait, Mr. Cox, there's been a cancellation -- one year from now -- but you must make your reservation today.

Doug, a struggling college student, called home, scraped together a few hundred dollars, and made the reservation.

But there was one small hitch:

He hadn't yet asked Jenny to be his bride.

Doug admits that was the longest semester of his life, waiting months for the right time and place.

And one winter night in a Santa Fe cabin, he took a knee, and Jenny said yes. The Coxes are far from alone. University records show 4,003 married Frog couples, not counting those who have found love in shades other than purple. Some of those you'll read about in this issue.

The moral of the story?

Weddings may be big business.

But love still conquers all.

Enjoy the magazine.

We made it just for you.