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We interrupt our magazine to bring you a new magazine. Well, sort of. Endeavors, TCU's new publication of faculty scholarship and creative activity, is actually an online publication. Here, we just tease you with a sampling of the intriguing answers our fascinating faculty seek. You'll find the full stories online, along with abstracts from graduate student projects, a list of funded research and creative projects, and links to even more information.

Our professors have always dug into the past, investigated the mysteries of the universe, challenged the artistic senses and studiously pondered the most demanding questions of mankind -- usually in relative obscurity. That needs to change. So go online and find out the "rest of the story." We think you'll be amazed at the great work being done at TCU. We are.

Fashioning an attitude on stage.
By LaLonnie Lehman '73 (MA '75)
Assistant Professor, theatre

Building a better way to build an airplane.
By Tyson R. Browning
Assistant Professor, Enterprise Operations

Picturing the motive in the movies.
By Greg Mansur '04 (MFA)
Assistant Professor, Radio-Television-Film

Devising a new way to teach science.
By Ray Drenner and Molly Weinburgh
Assistant Professor, Biology; Assistant Professor, Education

Probing differences in heart disease.
By Dennis Cheek
Abell-Hanger Professor of Gerontological Nursing

Examining the state of elder care.
By Jean Giles-Sims and Charles Lockhart
Professor, Sociology; Professor, Political Science

Fostering a better way to communicate.
By Paul Schrodt
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Sweating the small stuff.
By Ed Kolesar
Professor, Engineering

Digging into the deepest past.
By Richard Hanson
Professor, Geology

Premiering new works at Carnegie Hall.
By John Owings,
Herndon Professor of music and division chair of piano studies;
Misha Galaganov, Associate Professor, viola and chamber music;
Gary Whitman, Professor, clarinet and Division Chair, woodwinds;
Jose Feghali, Artist in Residence and Professor of piano;
Curt Thompson, Associate Professor, violin and Director of chamber music;
Jesus Castro-Balbi, Assistant Professor, cello

Illuminating the pages of history.
By Elizabeth Spiller and Linda Hughes
Associate Professor, English; Addie Levy Professor of Literature, English

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