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TCU Magazine "Academe"

Dorm rooms don't have to have dull decor, just take a look at these delightful digs – winners in TCU's Coolest Campus Cribs contest. Inspired by the show "MTV Cribs," the Residential Hall Association and Residential Services let students vote for the best Horned Frog campus homes. The winners: David Gilles, a senior advertising/public relations major who flagged down interesting wall art, above; and Candace Williams, a senior majoring in communications studies, who was going for a home-away-from-home feel, top of page. Runners-up included freshmen pre-majors Whitney Whelan and Caroline Cardenas, below; and Harrison Hanvey, a junior mechanical engineering major, bottom of the page. Winners received a $250 gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond, a gift basket filled with goodies valued at $100 and a trophy. The winning rooms will also be showcased on campus tours and are sure to inspire other students to renovate their rooms – or at least gather any dirty laundry off the floor.

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