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The light of hope

Faces told the story. Quivering lips. Furrowed brows. Tear-stained cheeks. All aglow in candlelight. A year after the tragedies of Sept. 11, the TCU community again responded with solemn hearts. On a muggy Wednesday evening in front of Frog Fountain, some 400 students, faculty and staff members gathered to honor the fallen, sitting in silence, listening, hugging and sobbing. But mostly, reflecting. "Many of us gathered on this site a year ago," Chancellor Michael Ferrari told the crowd. "Tonight, we unite the TCU community and rededicate ourselves to peace. The candles represent our determination to light the world with hope and love." The ceremony concluded a day of tribute. The carillon at Robert Carr Chapel rang to signify the moment the first of the World Trade Center towers was struck. The Army ROTC kept watch in front of Sadler Hall, changing guard every half-hour. Mourners participated in a citywide Sept. 11 ceremony at Sundance Square. As one student said: "It's ironic that such a catastrophic event can unite us with such a spirit that canŐt be matched." But Sept. 11 did. And that spirit still could be seen a year later.