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More pros

I noticed in your Fall 2002 Class of '06 publication the article that talked about Horned Frog pros. George Brown '50, was a Horned Frog pro in '49 and '50 with the New York Yankees NFL and then the New York Yanks NFL. He went on to the CFL for three more years. I think he should have been mentioned in your list.

Joni Brown '50
Rocklin, Calif.

I just received the Fall 2002 edition of The TCU Magazine. As always, it looks great and you do an excellent job informing those of us who graduated from TCU about current events, past happenings and future things that we can put on our calendars. In this issue though, you had a story on "Brave Heart" which was great, but in a sideline box titled "Horned Frog pros," you listed "... TCU Horned Frogs who have made their presence felt in recent NFL drafts ...." In this box you left out a number of TCU Horned Frog football players. I especially note that Norm Bulaich is not listed. He played for both the Baltimore Colts and the Miami Dolphins. Also, I believe that Ross Montgomery played for the Chicago Bears and one of the Davis brothers played for the St. Louis Cardinals. If you are going to list Horned Frog players that have made it to the NFL, you should list all of them. Not that you slighted any Horned Frog with this sideline box, but I think if you're going to list some, let's list all of them so everyone, past, current and future Frogs can acknowledge them. Keep up the good work and GO FROGS.

Robert Koger '79

Editor's note: We received a number of letters about the list of TCU football pros in the Fall issue. Due to space constraints, we published only a representative list. The list of nearly 150 players can be found at

The Skiff's influence

As a former Ad Manager of the Skiff (1995) I am very excited to know that this publication has had such an impact on the lives of the former 2,000 Skiff employees. I know I would not be where I am today with out the lessons I learned while at the Skiff.

Wendy L. Smith-Moreno '96
Fort Worth

I'd like to offer my opinion of the Fall 2002 issue of The TCU Magazine. In the shortest terms and most convenient definitions, I'd like to say -- It stunk!

Where to start? Let's begin with the article on a subject near and dear to my heart, The TCU Daily Skiff. With 100 years of history, the best you could offer was a lame, three-page article on the Skiff. The table of contents listed "Humble beginnings? Yes. Influential past? Of course. Strong future? You bet." The article did nothing but regurgitate crap most of the Skiffers already know. It mentioned very little of the influence the Skiff has had on the campus. And where was the strong future mentioned? A passing mention of Skiff TV was the only thing mentioned. The Skiff has won numerous awards and is the cornerstone of the TCU journalism program. But there were no quotes or stories from former Skiffers and/or staff. If you can't get a yarn out of Tommy Thomason, you are truly a sad writer indeed. Trust me. I've heard many of them. What about Anantha Babbili, or Maggie Thomas, or Jack Raskopf? They certainly have a view on how the Skiff has been a boon to the school.

The article was the most superficial piece of fecal matter I've read since the Star-Telegram's Jennifer Floyd tried to tell me Mike Modano was the best player in the NHL simply because he was younger than Steve Yzerman (who, by the way, owns three NHL championship rings -- but that's another matter). There are thousands of former Skiffers that you could have contacted with their views on what the Skiff has done for our fair university. Yet you did none of that. I've read first-year journalism student's work with more substance. A hundred years of history and that's the best you can come up with?

Now that I'm done with that soapbox, please allow me to jump to another one -- the Class of 2006 article. For starters, what makes the Class of 2006 so special that they have an entire article devoted to them? Secondly, according to the opening page of the article, the Class of 2006 is "more numerous, more affluent, better educated and more ethnically diverse." Yet you have seen fit to interview freshmen who are (A) shallow, (B) named Shannon, MacKenzie, Sheldon and Nicole, and (C) unfailingly CAUCASIAN!! Where was the diversity you so boldly predicted? Was it that difficult to find a student whose skin was naturally dark, whose home was not in the U.S. or whose original language was not English?

And lastly, all I'm going to say about the headline "Hey Kid, go suck an egg" was that it was in very poor taste. I certainly hope to God that this sad excuse for a "magazine" is never seen by anyone outside of the university (I'm burning my copy). Maybe if you spent less time looking at your son's behind on a hike in Alaska, you would have realized what a piece of crap you published. I would hope that in the future, more time would be taken in the production of the magazine or the story assignments.

Karl Stenske '97
Eu Clair, Mich.