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Horse Power | The TCU You May Not Know Quiz

1. c. Sammy Baugh

2. b. 31 and 28

3. a. Royalty and clean play

4. c. That he not smoke or drink before the age of 21

5. c. Texas and Texas A&M

6. a. Rick Perry

7. d. Cafeteria-style food service

8. c. A naked man running

9. b. Cactus

10. a. 1873

11. d. 1980

12. b. Tenure policy

13. b. Mason Dixon

14. a. Women

15. b. Ballet

16. c. Baja Desert Horned Lizard

17. b. Arts and Sciences

18. c. e-business

19. d. Swimming and diving

20. a. Blowing on a pipe detached from the organ

21. a. Davey O'Brien

22. c. Downtown Fort Worth

23. b. A Fort Worth municipal golf course

24. b. Soft drinks

25. a. Green

26 b. TCU students gave SMU mascot Peruna's mane a punk hairdo

27. c. First woman to head the Frog Club

28. b. A Texas sportswriter

29. d. All instruction was taught at Harris Hospital

30. b. 6

31. b. A TCU sweatshirt