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Which chancellor preceded Sadler? (E.M. Waits) Outside of Texas, which state has the most TCU alums? (California) You may have earned your degree at Texas Christian University, but do you know TCU trivia? Pop quiz time! You're about to find out. Take out your blue book. You may begin. (You'll find the answers here.)

By The TCU Magazine staff

1.Which former TCU gridiron star played the lead role of Ranger Tom King in a serial Western titled "King of the Texas Rangers?"

a) Davey O'Brien
b) Jim Swink
c) Sammy Baugh
d) Bob Lilly

2. When AddRan College began in Thorp Spring in 1873, Addison and Randolph Clark were what ages, respectively?

a) 26 and 23
b) 31 and 28
c) 40 and 37
d) 43 and 40

3. What did TCU's school colors – purple and white – originally stand for?

a) Royalty and clean play
b) Passion and purity
c) Valor and integrity
d) Loyalty and holiness

4. Charles Tandy '40, for whom Tandy Hall is named, was one of few students on campus to drive a car in the late 1930s. On what condition did his grandmother agree to buy Tandy a car?

a) That he maintain a perfect grade-point average
b) That he not major in theater
c) That he not smoke or drink before the age of 21
d) That he go to church every Sunday

5. What former Southwest Conference rivals saw their school hand signs develop, thanks in part, to TCU?

a) Arkansas and Houston
b) Baylor and SMU
c) Texas and Texas A&M
d) Texas Tech and Texas

6. The keynote speaker in 1993 when the Winthrop Rockefeller Building for Ranch Management was dedicated was the Texas Commissioner for Agriculture. Who was the speaker?

a) Rick Perry
b) George W. Bush
c) Ann Richards
d) Clayton Williams

7. Frank and Georgia Harris, the maternal grandparents of noted author and TCU historian Joan Hewitt Swaim '56, arrived in Fort Worth in 1921 and were the first to establish and operate what at TCU?

a) Campus postal service
b) Campus radio station
c) Fraternity and sorority councils
d) Cafeteria-style food service

8. Patrons of the 1977 Van Cliburn Competition were surprised to see this as they departed Ed Landreth Hall:

a) The Oscar Meyer Weinermoblie
b) A helicopter landing on the lawn
c) A naked man running
d) A live panther

9. When early TCU officials were searching for an appropriate mascot back in the late 1890s, the runner-up to the Horned Frog was what?

a) Prairie dog
b) Cactus
c) Fire ant
d) Bullfrog

10. What is on Chancellor emeritus William Tucker's license plate?

a) 1873

11. Replacing Addy the mascot, Super Frog made his debut in what year?

a) 1968
b) 1972
c) 1977
d) 1980

12. In March 1990, nearly 80 students staged a sit-in on the third floor of Sadler Hall to protest what?

a) Tuition hikes
b) Tenure policy
c) The impending Gulf War
d) A change in Spring Break week

13. In the fall of 1967, TCU had a male Homecoming Queen candidate named:

a) Mason Adams
b) Mason Dixon
c) Steve Mason
d) Mason McQueen

14. What group of people were first allowed to join TCU's ROTC units in 1974?

a) Women
b) African-Americans
c) The Wranglers
d) Student-athletes

15. In 1949, TCU became the first university in the nation to offer a four-year degree in:

a) Physical Therapy
b) Ballet
c) Astrophysics
d) Photojournalism

16. There are fourteen different known species of horned lizard. Which is NOT a variety?

a) Chihuahua Desert Horned Lizard
b) Pygmy Short Horned Lizard
c) Baja Desert Horned Lizard
d) Regal Horned Lizard

17. Which of the following was NOT an academic department, or "school" listed in the college's first curriculum catalog?

a) Ancient Languages
b) Arts and Sciences
c) Mental and Moral Sciences
d) Mathematics

18. What undergraduate degree in business was TCU the first in the nation to offer?

a) Entrepreneurial studies
b) Supply chain management
c) e-business
d) Database management

19. Of the following sports, which one has boasted the most Academic All-Americans?

a) Football
b) Tennis
c) Golf
d) Swimming and diving

20. The only totally candlelight wedding to occur at Robert Carr Chapel came during a power failure on the east side of campus in the 1980s. Emmet Smith '54, then university organist, announced the bride by doing what?

a) Blowing on a pipe detached from the organ
b) Humming the "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin"
c) Ringing a hand bell
d) Whistling "Cannon in D Major" by Pachelbel

21. What TCU football legend went on to a career in the FBI?

a) Davey O'Brien
b) Jim Swink
c) Sam Baugh
d) Rags Matthews

22. TCU had no campus in 1910-11. Where did students live and go to classes?

a) Texas Wesleyan University
b) The Fort Worth YMCA
c) Downtown Fort Worth
d) Carswell Air Force Base

23. What was the Worth Hills area of campus before 1963, when it was acquired by TCU?

a) A public park
b) A Fort Worth municipal golf course
c) The planned site for a neighborhood swimming pool
d) Land owned by Colonial Country Club

24. The Brown-Lupton Foundation, which funded the TCU Student Center and Health Center, made its income based on what?

a) Oil
b) Soft drinks
c) Cattle
d) Cotton

25. Believing red ink was too menacing, longtime English professor Bob Frye always graded writing assignments in what color?

a) Green
b) Blue
c) Purple
d) Black

26. Which of the following pranks did NOT happen?

a) SMU band members created an SMU logo in rye grass on TCU turf
b) TCU students gave SMU mascot Peruna's mane a punk hairdo
c) Red graffiti with the message "I (heart) SMU" appeared on 100 cars on TCU's campus
d) An SMU logo was applied to a TCU mascot costume head

27. Pat Vinsant '49 holds what TCU distinction?

a) First woman athletics administrator
b) First coach of women's basketball team
c) First woman to head the Frog Club
d) First cheerleader to be the top of a pyramid

28. Who coined the phrase "Killer Frogs?"

a) Jim Killingsworth, former men's basketball coach
b) A Texas sportswriter
c) TCU sports fans on the Internet
d) Glen Stone, former Sports Information Director

29. Which of the following is NOT true of the founding of Harris College of Nursing in the 1940s?

a) The original contracts called for only a five-year commitment
b) A prominent surgeon put up a $1 million trust to back it
c) It was the first accredited school in Texas of its kind
d) All instruction was taught at Harris Hospital

30. Sculptor Carol Thornton '48 and three TCU students created the Clark Brothers statue in less than ____ months.

a) 2
b) 6
c) 8
d) 12

31. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a Nobel Prize winner, received what gift from students when he spoke at TCU in 1988?

a) A Jim Wacker autographed poster
b) A TCU sweatshirt
c) A purple tie
d) A Seiko watch sporting a TCU logo

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