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Our bad. And good.

My granddaughter Chandler, age 7, informed me there are 10 differences in the two SuperFrogs (SuperFrog Fun Page, Fall 2003), not eight. Was it a trick question?

I really look forward to The TCU Magazine. The letter from Brian Estrada (Change the System) was right on as was the interview with Eric Hyman and the story by Bud Kennedy regarding Metroplex coverage. Coverage is even worse here in the Houston market. It's like we don't exist, didn't win 10 games and weren't conference champs and bowl winners. Keep the faith. Love the Frogs.

Ron Nixon '67

Editor's Note: Nope, our SuperFrog Fun Page activity wasn't supposed to be a trick. It was our mistake. There were 10, not eight, differences. Way to go Chandler!

What do we want?

Open letter to the Star-Telegram: On the day before the TCU-Navy game, I was looking for information about the game in your paper. And to my surprise and dismay, the day before the big game you not only did not carry any football sports coverage of TCU nor Navy, but you put a clip on the front page bringing attention to last year's problem of scarce and sparse crowds. At the same time, you featured the Big 12 and all teams not pertinent to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Why? Are you that insensitive and biased as to ostracize and overlook our hometown folks, who need any and all spiritual lifts? How could anyone, for the first hometown football game, choose to write about last year's sparse crowds as an opener to the season?

Amon Carter, for whom the stadium is named, was your original leader/owner and I feel assured that he would not condone nor operate in this pseudo-journalistic manner. Your ad, which rolls over continuously at both ends of the field asks what we want. Well, what we want is more responsible coverage in sports for TCU. If this calls for more grit and gumption than you care to muster, you might just move the whole paper down next to one of the Big 12 towns where your biased sports reporting will be more appreciated.

David Y. Ely '68

Sportsmanship for the Midshipmen

I was fortunate to have attended the TCU-Navy game on Saturday and wanted to convey my appreciation to all those who make the performance, from pre-game to post-game, such an outstanding success. The F-18 flyover, the military songs played by the Horned Frog Band, the recognition of some of the men and women who had returned from Iraq, and the introduction of the pilots all made the day perfect.

As for the football game, I was a bit divided since I am a graduate of the Naval Academy, my son played under Coach Patterson as a defensive tackle at Navy, and another of my sons played offensive line for TCU under Coach Franchione. The sportsmanship displayed by the Frogs when they went over to the Navy sideline for the Naval Academy alma mater reflected the character of Coach Patterson, his team and of the entire TCU family.

It was truly a wonderful day sponsored by a truly outstanding institution. Please pass my thanks to all who worked so hard for such a great game and from all of the Navy fans who attended and felt similarly appreciative.

Cmdr. Jon Holzapfel, USN (retired)

Finding a place

I was generally uninspired by the responses of AD Eric Hyman to the questions published in "Conference Call," The TCU Magazine, Fall 2003, that arrived in my mail today. I now better understand why TCU seems to have lost its place in the ranks of major college programs and can't find an acceptable conference home.

When I read Mr. Hyman's comment that Roanoke, Va., is the home of Virginia Tech, I fully understood why other Athletic Directors and Presidents aren't opening their arms to the Horned Frogs and Mr. Hyman. Hyman can't even get his geography correct on the No. 5 football program in the country. Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, Va., not Roanoke. Perhaps Eric should watch a little more TV or just ask Lee Corso and ESPN -- they visit Blacksburg often!

Roger Spence '73 (MBA)

Editor's Note: As former athletics director at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., Eric Hyman certainly knows that Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg. He was simply using Roanoke as a reference point because it has the closest major airport to Virginia Tech.