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An old wrong righted

After slogging through the snow on Christmas Eve to pick up mail, my eye caught the purple and silver of The TCU Magazine. Still on my mind from the night before was the exhilarating game on ESPN, and the laughs from the rest of the family as my 8-year-old granddaughter and I chanted, 'Riff, Ram, Bah Zoo ...'

Imagine my surprise (and delight), to see a picture of myself (some 37 years earlier) on the magazine cover!

We had such fun with it, I just had to write and thank you. My Dad, Frank H. Kring, Jr. '44 was a fullback with the Horned Frogs, and I twirled with the "Show Window of TCU" (Jim Jacobsen) from '64 to '68, graduating later in '74.

Barbara Kring (Elick) Sismilich '74
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Editor's note: We panicked when we got Barb's letter since we had identified the majorette on last issue's cover as Carol Rawland Knowlton '69, which we got from the yearbook. When we told Barbara this, she responded: "In every single annual in which I was pictured as a featured twirler at TCU, they identified me incorrectly. It actually got to be a joke after awhile and then I just gave up. It wasn't that important. In another annual, you'll find my picture with the name Pat Gilmore (another twirler). Trust me, that's not Carol Jean Rawland. It's me."

A word of cheer

I thought I fully appreciated our TCU Magazine while I lived a mere stone's throw from our university campus. But try moving back East to the Washington, D.C. area, and then you'll realize what a terrific treat is it to find a copy of The TCU Magazine in the mail box.

"Distance Learning" was a fascinating peek into the challenge U.S. teachers face dealing with Arab students. Whew! I had no idea what a battlefield the classroom is for our guys!

"A View from Within" by Capt. Scott Leblond was another eye-opener, confirming what we often hear, but shamefully seldom find in the media.

A personal cheer for perky hard-working Pat Timbes Vinsant receiving her well-deserved Alumni Service Award. Atta girl! It was fun to see the pictures of a former drama student, Roy Cates '50 in the bus load of Frogs from Austin. Too bad the spelling of Roy's name was incorrectly submitted, which probably accounts for his class year missing from the blurb.

Ann Barham Pugh '45
Washington, D.C.

TCU merchandise

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading my wife's copy of the winter 2003 TCU Magazine. I especially liked the article by Capt. Leblond. Too bad we don't get more coverage like it from the news media.

I also enjoyed "How I spent my Summer (vacation)," as I have grandchildren that have gone through that ordeal.

Now that I have told you all the nice things, can you help me? I would like to know where I can order a TCU sweatshirt for my wife, class of '42, Kathryn Clarke Hays. Nothing is available in North Carolina.

Again, thanks a lot and the magazine is well received.

Joe A. Hays

Editor's note: Some TCU items are available at: http://tcu.bkstore.com, or http://gofrogs.ocsn.com/store/tcu-store.aspl

No, to conference change

I read with much interest "How the Frogs Brought the Fans Back" in the latest TCU Magazine. While I have enjoyed and appreciated TCU's athletic success over the last few years, I am personally opposed to the concept of TCU being the only addition to an expanded Mountain West Conference. I know of no compelling reason, neither financial nor enhanced athletic stature, that would justify the additional costs and other disruptions associated with such a move to a conference that is arguably no better than the "new" Conference USA.

I believe that such major changes should be undertaken only when the benefits are overwhelmingly obvious. In my opinion, the new C-USA will be a much better geographic fit for TCU and thus be more cost effective with the additional benefit of playing more natural geographic rivalries and with the potential for continued excellent fan support.

William R. Blank '70
Sally C. Blank '70

Beaufort, S. C.