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By Kathryn Hopper

The Schieffer School of Journalism is changing the name of its advertising/ public relations progam to Strategic Communication.

Julie O'Neal, chair of the program, said the name change comes after extensive research, including surveys of alumni, professional groups, current students and other institutions.

"We are changing the name of our program because we believe it is more reflective of contemporary practice and jargon," O'Neal said. "We also think that our focus on the integration of the two fields Ñ advertising and public relations - helps differentiate us from our competition and gives our student an edge when they graduate."

In the 1960s, TCU was one of the first universities in the nation to combine advertising and public relations into a single program. In the spring of 2007, the division began an extensive assessment of its curriculum, consulting with area professionals, the Public Relations Society of America and the Advertising Federation and students at Real World IMC, the student-run integrated advertising and marketing communications agency at TCU. O'Neal said they also looked at what other universities were doing and conducted an online survey of 52 alumni.

"One of our new goals is to look for additional ways to further integrate the skills and processes of both the advertising and PR world Ñ for strategic purposes," O'Neal said. "I also like the term strategic communication because it reflects the strategy element of our fields."

The name change is also carried out in new course names; for example, Ad Copy Layout and Production will be Creative Communications beginning in the fall semester. Global Campaigns will become Global Branding and Media Analysis, Planning and Management will be Channel Planning and Strategy. 

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