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Home for discovery

New center expands opportunities for undergraduate research.

Boosting undergraduate scientific discovery and establishing TCU as a national leader in interdisciplinary research methods have taken center stage at the new Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC).

A Web site,, has been established to coordinate projects. Run by a four-member committee, SERC plans include developing an undergraduate research course, launching a student organization called Apprentice Scientists Participating in Research (ASPIRE), and tracking postgraduate ASPIRE students’ successes.

"Imagine the possibility of undergraduate students at TCU collaborating with students from other campuses in the Mountain West Conference or beyond to work on groundbreaking research funded by a National Science Foundation grant," said Ken Morgan, associate dean of the College of Science and Engineering and professor of geology.

Organizers say the center will increase visibility for the college, lend credibility to ongoing scientific endeavors and help student and faculty researchers raise the money needed to fund their projects.

"Our hope is that SERC and ASPIRE will spark interest in scientific discovery," Morgan said.
"It’s the foundation for great things to come in our college and for TCU."

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