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A new relationship with the University of Westminster will benefit students studying abroad.

By Nancy Allison

TCU has partnered with the University of Westminster to give students in the TCU in London program more direct contact with international students and a broader assortment of classes.

Students will live on the Westminster campus, home to 4,000 international students from 160 countries, and can enroll in a wide variety of courses such as the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, business, computer science and the fine arts all taught by Westminster professors.

"The new vision for TCU in London embraces important academic features of study abroad including TCU students taking course work with other international students and living on a university campus," said Jane Kucko, director of the Center for International Studies (CIS). "The breadth of course offerings opens the door to more students from a variety of disciplines who can study in London."

TCU faculty-led programs in London will continue over the summer. Typically, there are six to eight faculty-led programs and roughly 80 to 100 TCU students participating in these programs.

Other national universities partnering with Westminster include Butler, Cornell, Marymount and Skidmore universities and the University of Arizona."

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